Sunday, June 21, 2009

We all scream for Icecream...

Remember that little rhyme we learnt in school, I scream you scream we all scream for Iceccream. I think we can all vividly recall our initial icecream experiences, the ice gola man Mama banned us from, the attempts at making icecream at home with malai and sugar, graduating to the Kwality, Walls, Baskin Robbins, Hagen Dias etc. BUT " home made icecream" in this day and age, typically my guests wonder aloud(no, not because they think it requires great skill to make icecream but because they are wondering why not just buy them off the shelf)Aren't there enough ready to eat ice-creams already? Who makes icecreams at home these days? I do and I think homemade icecreams retain that fresh fruit flavor. I tried the strawberry version at my cousin's place( her MIL's recipe) years ago on a hot summer day and loved it. Since then I have made it with almost all fruits available. Make sure the fruit you choose is fleshy and sweet.

Natural Ice Cream( This serves just about 4 adults)
Fruit Pulp: 1 cup( Mango/Strawberry/Chikoo/Litchie/Guava/Kiwi)
Cream: 1 cup( if using malai add a little more)
Sugar: 3/4 th to 1 cup( depending on how sweet the fruit is and how sweet you would like your icecream)
Milk powder: 1 cup
Milk: 1 cup


  • Mix all the ingredients together and run it in the mixie for a couple of minutes
  • Freeze for 12 hours
  • Serve topped with chopped fruits
This takes a little long to set so make it the afternoon before if planning to serve it for lunch and early in the morning if planning to serve it for dinner.
If planning to make in larger quantities, do not double/tripple the ingredients( you could go wrong on the sweetness as milk powder also contains sugar), my suggestion is that you make it in separate lots( would also be easier to serve as children typically eat first and then the adults).
Make large quantities as most people( even adults) would go in for second/third helping.
Icecream is also referred to as the 5 cup icecream.


  1. The icecream sure is Wow! I love the natural fruit taste. I would rate Litchie the best( so much better than the bought ones where all they have is a mild Litchie flavoring). I agree this one has me screaming for more, always!

  2. Hi aunty!! its AJ. i would like 2 taste ur icecream 2!!!

  3. Sure AJ. Will make it for you before the mango season gets over