Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something about Doi

When we moved to Chennai from Kolkata what we really missed were the "milk based desserts". This recipe was passed on to me by a Bengali Friend who had spent many years in Europe in the late 80's when Indian food and especially Indian desserts were neither popular nor easily available. Bhapa Doi for her( and countless others like her) thus served as a convenient, easy to prepare, authentic Bengali dessert. I have since being passed on the recipe made it umpteen times, tried variations of it( including a Bhapa Doi Cheese Cake) and passed it on to several other happy chefs. This one is a never fail recipe and would Wow! your guests for sure.

Bhapa Doi
Set Dahi/curd: 400 grams
Condensed milk: 400 grams/1 tin( if you don't like it very sweet then use only 3/4 th of the tin)
Raisins: 10/12(optional)


  • Mix the curd and condensed milk together, add the raisins.
  • Bake on a double boiler( 140 degree centigrade) for 1 hour. I am told you can also do this on the microwave( 6 minutes on low power).
  • Cool and serve chilled
I usually serve it with seasonal fresh fruits, goes best with mango. Looks best with strawberry( in fact strawberry offsets the sweet taste of Bhapa Doi).
High on calorie but delicious to taste. Mmmm!
Watch out this space for the recipe of Mishti Doi, WIP currently.