Thursday, December 23, 2010

Queen of hearts....

Food is indeed a great way to connect. There has been a heightened interest in food among my boys ever since I started blogging. The older one says " Mom your food tastes better than it looks, you need to work on your 'plating skills'" . "The younger one adds " Mom you should join Master Chef Australia. It is really very simple, they demonstrate a recipe and you have to make the same one. Monkey see monkey do, SM see SM do". This new found wisdom and the accompanying jargon I am told is courtesy the various cookery shows that they have been watching. Inspired by all the food talk around me I continue to create drama around the kitchen and the recipes.

There was a Christmas bake sale at school recently. We as parents were asked to send home-make cakes/bakes/snacks for the same( I must quickly add that the contributions were voluntary). Gave me the perfect opportunity to bond with the boys and get brownie points from their teachers for being an involved Mom. The first rule of the Foodie Club: I shall always use food to my advantage. So two Raindrop cakes(refer blog) and some bite-sized sandwiches it was for the sale.

Sandwiches cut into different shapes make interesting lunch boxes. This is also an easy way to introduce your child to the World of shapes. So together we made these sandwiches and they got sold in packs of 5 for Rs.5/ They were almost gone by the time I reached the fest.

I had made a batch of chutney sandwiches and another batch of apple n cinnamon sandwiches. Always remember to keep some chutney handy in your refrigerator and use it as a sandwich spread, mix it with some hung curd to get a flavorsome dip in a jiffy, spice up gravies. The opportunities are endless.

Mint Chutney

Green Corriander: 1 cup
Fresh Mint: A few sprigs
Green chillies: 1/2( skip if making the chutney for children).
Salt: 1/2 tsp
Sugar: A pinch
Ginger: 1/2 an inch chopped fine

Grind together into a thick paste. Use as required.

I used White bread for the sandwich. Most children prefer it over brown, it also contrasts better with the green chutney. Butter the slice, add one layer of chutney. Cover with a second layer. Use the cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into different shapes.

For the apple and cinnamon sandwich just substitute the chutney with apple and cinnamon jam.

Serve immediately or pack in the lunch box.

The heart shaped sandwich is my personal favorite . Goes well with the Christmas spirit too.

I had a lot of fun making these sandwiches and watching those little devils gobble them up.

"In my experience, clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. It makes the little ones cry and the old ones nervous." Jane Grigson

On that note Merry Chirtmas!

Bon Apetit and Happy cooking!


  1. ayyyoooooo slurrrp slurrrp slurrrrrp I want some chutney right now :)

    I see u been calling that cake 'raindrop cake' sweet :) makes me go all lush blush ;)

  2. @Raindrop: Yes, it is your recipe. Food associations are strong and provide comforting memories even years later( as I have discovered while blogging).

    The sandwiches looked really nice and children seemed to love them.