Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kahani thodi filmi hai....

I was reminded of a really old ketchup ad when I was making these Mini Pizzas. The ad goes something like this....there is this grown up kid who walks in and tells his Mom in an anglicized voice: Aaj khane main kya hai( what's cooking today)? And wrinkles up his nose when he finds his Mom making Parathas(read traditional food, not " so cool"). So the smart Mom takes the paratha, smears tomato ketchup over it, layers it up with some cooked veggies, grated cheese and in the same tone says : Pizza..Paratha Pizza! And the kid gobbles up the food.

Kids are taken in by the overall presentation and one needs to package the dish to them( Calvin eats up his greens because his Mom tells him that he will turn into a mutant if he does so- Moms are always so smart :-), they know just how to get things done).

Pizzas offer an easy ways to slip a lot of vegetables into your child's food. And for once he does not grumble, yes mummy/tummy dono khush.

Desi Pizza


Pizza bases: 6
Tomato ketchup: 6 tbsp
Vegetables: Any leftover vegetables will do, try and use beans, carrots, mushrooms, peas etc.
Oregano: 3 tsp
Mozarella Cheese
Capsicum: 1/2, cut into thin strips
Onion: 1, chopped fine(optional)


Quite like the ketchup ad Mom. Smear tomato ketchup on the Pizza bases, add the vegetables, top with onion, capsicum, oregano and finally the grated cheese. Bake for about 5/10 minutes
Serve HOT.

Adults seem to love these Pizzas too. That reminds me of another ad line Bache to bache, Baap re baap.

Bon Apetit and Happy Cooking!


  1. this yummy mummy is a boon for all dummy mummies :) hame aapki ye filmi kahani pasand aayi!!! right now me not in a recipe trying mood...all snuggled in the razai the whole day on maggi...will try all of them when hubby is back :)

    just 9 more n u hit ur half century :)

  2. Loved your comment Raindrop. Yes, 9 to hit the half century so some furious blogging over the next few days. Watch this space for the next post titled Johnny Mera Naam.....

  3. The pic looks good. Yummmm I want some NOW.

  4. Thanks Food for thought. I hope you have uploaded a few more recipes. Look forward to the same. Please upload Santula

  5. Pl become a follower.Have sent u an invite. The plate rocks. Where is it from ? I want one.

  6. I am a follower but your site has some privacy settings. The plate is from Chennai( from a store next to our Harrington road house, I also have two bowls with the same design; black and white)