Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh! God it is only Thursday!!!!

Today was one of those typical workdays when nothing seemed to go right. To top it there were a whole host of meetings with people driving multiple agendas at the same time. I was happy when the day ended and I was back home. Kids were at play, husband was away and I had the house to myself(more importantly the remote to myself). I pretended to surf and very quickly meandered to the channel showing a cookery show. Yes, cookery shows(like I have said earlier in this blog) are therapeutic, calm the nerves( at least temporarily till the boys get back).While the show was on one of Indian channels with an Indian host it was clearly meant for the western audience. The host( with her typical Brit accent, yes even when she spoke Hindi) took the audience through a subzi mandi and exclaimed at the sight of everyday vegetables like potatoes and onions("In London these would be sold in packs, but here I get to pick and choose", can somebody please tell her that she could do the same in India), wrapped a snake gourd around her neck and thought it was funny. She finally graduated to the actual cooking( some interesting dishes and I was glad I had suffered through the long winded preamble). She made a quick mushroom dish which looked interesting and would be a perfect accompaniment to grilled fish/chicken roast/even rosemary chicken(refer blog)/or even lightly toasted bread. What I especially liked was that dish requires very basic everyday ingredients and is really quick to assemble. For all you who want to eat interesting but healthy food at the end of the day.

Mushroom Quickie(Not sure what the dish was actually called)


Button mushroom: 200 grams, she used them whole though I halved them
Tomato roundels: I love tomatoes and used two large ones, slice them into thin roundels
Olive Oil: 2 tbsps
Mixed herbs: 1 tbsp( I used Oregano and then some Roopak Oregano seasoning with carway seeds)


In an oven proof flat dish layer the mushrooms, then arrange the tomato roundels, sprinkle the mixed herbs and drizzle with Olive oil( be a little generous with the olive oil else the mushrooms will tend to shrivel). Bake/Grill for about 15/20 minutes.

Variations: Could add green peas and/or baby corn. Could also add some finely chopped garlic though that might overpower the wonderful combination of olive oil and herbs. Maybe par-boiled baby potatoes, shallots....mmmmm! next time. The options are never ending. All they need is a creative mind and an experimentative palate.

Thank God It is Friday Tomorrow. Really looking forward to the weekend and to some more good food! Till then Happy Cooking!

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