Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Italy...Risotto

" As a child my family menu had two choices around food- take it or leave it" Buddy Hackett

The excitement around creating something new. I guess that is what makes cooking therapeutic. I feel so happy when I decide to try out a new dish. Poring over recipe books, Google searches, chatting with friends who might have prepared the dish, the trudge to the nearest supermarket to pick up the ingredients, the anticipation around how the dish would turn out-finally plating the dish and waiting for the verdict! Most of the times the response is worth all that effort.

These days the only TV programs I watch with interest are ' cookery shows'. The delightful Nigella even has me staying up well past my bedtime. She is lovely and her passion for food clearly shows through. I love the way she romances food. Shows like hers and the Master chef series do introduce us to a whole host of global cuisine. My repertoire of Italian cooking tends to be restricted to various kinds of pasta and pizzas. One such show got me thinking about Risotto. This was quickly followed up with a trip to a gourmet food store, recipe searches, tweaks and finally the dish. Has inspired me to try Paella next- would be a toss up between meat or sea food versions. I am so looking forward to trying it soon. Another day and another post, for now it is a little bit of Italy by my side.

Risotto(Serves 4)


Risotto Rice: 2 cups
Red Wine: 1/2 cup
Vegetable or Chicken stock- 3/4 cups
Parmesan cheese: 1/2 tbsp( grated fine)
Butter: 1 tbsp
Olive oil: 2 tbs
Onion: 2/3, finely sliced
Mushroom: 6/7, quartered
Chicken Salami- 3/4 roundels, chopped into small pieces
Fresh Basil leaves- 1/2, for the garnish


  • Heat olive oil in a Wok and fry the onions for a couple of minutes till they turn soft.
  • Add the Rice and stir for a few minutes.
  • Next, add the red wine and mix well.
  • Keep adding the stock little by little( half a cup at a time). Once the rice absorbs the stock, add the next half cup. Continue this till the rice is cooked.
  • Toss in the mushrooms and salami. Cook for a few minutes.
  • Add salt to taste, the butter and cheese. Give it a good stir and remove from fire.
  • Garnish with a few sprigs of fresh Basil and serve hot.

Bon Apetit and Happy Cooking!


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