Sunday, March 27, 2011

The seven day itch...

Come Saturday and I start feeling restless if I haven't uploaded a new post. Yes, blogging is addictive, Like my son says " passion becomes addiction". But then blogging is therapeutic as well( I have said this before).

No posts also means that we haven't eaten anything new, different or interesting through the week. That makes me go on an overdrive to create interesting weekend food.

The inspiration for this dish came from some fresh basil that my cousin gave me. She has also gifted me a Basil plant. So I can make this dish over and over again. Yipee!

Fresh herbs can completely transform a dish. Pardon the hyperbole but I just love the fusion of ingredients, the ones that flood your taste buds with their amazing flavors, I am referring to dishes where all the individual ingredients come together to create magic. No single flavor stands out but there are subtle hints in each bite.

Chicken forms a good base when it comes to a creating flavorsome food, highly versatile, so soaks up dhania, butter and tomato puree(refer Dhania Chicken) as easily as orange juice. Works for me either ways.

Basil Chicken( serve four)

Preparation time: 10 minutes, Cooking time: 45 minutes.


Fresh Basil: 1/2 cup, chopped
Dried Basil: 1 tsp
Chicken: About 8 pieces, choose nice, large pieces for this fish.
Orange juice: 1 cup, freshly squeezed would work best but Tropicana came fairly close
Lime juice: 3/4 tbsps, definitely freshly squeezed
Onion: 2, finely chopped
Cumin powder: 1 tsp, roasted and ground cumin adds to the fresh taste of the dish
Salt to taste
Olive oil: 2 tbsps


Heat the olive oil in a pan.
Add the chicken and fry for a couple of minutes.
Then sprinkle the finely chopped onion and continue to fry.
Add the orange juice, cumin powder, dried basil and salt. Stir.
Simmer and cook covered for 5/7 minutes.
Open the lid, add the lime juice and mix well.
Remove the chicken pieces onto a plate.
Let the sauce thicken a little more, add the fresh basil leaves and ladle over the chicken.

Serve the chicken with some herbed rice( add some butter, finely chopped coriander, chili flakes and salt to rice) and boiled vegetables.

Delicious! Finger lickin' good!

Bon Apetit and Happy Cooking!


  1. ur blog is now officially one site that I visit to learn what u have been upto in ur kitchen and love sharing it with my friends. Basil chicken sounds n looks great :)

    PS: The pix are getting better by the day ;)

  2. Agree with Raindrop. This pic is really nice and the dish sounds Yummm.

  3. positively fantastic.. the pic is awesome..good job.. kiran

  4. Thanks Kiran. Thanks for all the "constructive feedback", made me work harder at it. Cheers!