Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peanut dip

Momos seem to have replaced chats. You see them at all street corners: veg/non veg, schezwan/ manchurian( I am sure we shall have the desi tikka version shortly), branded( Yo Dimsum!)/unbranded etc.. They are immensely popular to say the least and make for a very convenient and healthy( relatively compared to the other deep fried counterparts) starter option. Though I feel a bit like the classic " lazy housewife" who served plain Maggi and in my attempt to be different/feel involved I try and innovate with at least the dip.
Here is a dip that gets done in a jiffy and seems popular with my guests.
Take a dollop of peanut butter(I use Sunfeast crunchy peanut butter) in a microwaveable dish, add about a tbsp of water to it and microwave on high for about 30 second. Remove from the microwave, add some soya sauce and red chilli paste( even the regular chilli sauce will do) and mix well. Serve with hot steamed momos. This spicy dip with the peanut flavoring goes well with the otherwise bland momos. It is also a little different from most other dips that are either hung curd(refer my earlier blog on dips) or mayonnaise based.
Happy Eating!
P.S:In the last few weeks I happened to travel to Amritsar. The must eats include Kulchas at Bhaiyon da Dhabba and Phirni at Bhrawan da dhabba.


  1. great to see a post after so long....would Nutella qualify as a dip. I often dipped croissants into it for breakfast :)

  2. sounds good...am a die-hard momo fan...now if I can only get the pardner to agree to buy peanut butter...for some reason he hates the stuff..